CJ Doughnut mix

백설 도넛믹스

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백설 집에서 만드는 수제도넛 믹스

  1. Make the batter: Mix one egg and 100ml of water in a bowl. Put 500g of doughnut mix into the bowl and mix all together. Leave it for 10 min(aging).
  2. Roll the Dough: On a well-floured flat surface, roll the dough to 0.7cm thickness. And Cut the dough using the cup and bottle cap(Like doughnut)
  3. Fry the doughnuts: Ease a doughnut into the heated oil (170~180°C). Fry the doughnut for 2~3min or until they are golden brown, turning once.
  4. Coat or Ice the doughnut: Add these optional finishing touches while the doughnuts are still slightly warm

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CJ Cheil Jedang is a South Korean food company based in Seoul that manufactures food ingredients, food, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Its brands include Beksul, Bibigo, CJ Hat Kimchi, DASIDA, Haechandle.Bibigo is a global Korean cuisine brand created by CJ Cheil Jedang to showcase the taste and culture of Korea.