Myung Ga Triangle Kimbab seaweed & Toll

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How to make easy Triangle Kimbab /triangle-shaped Korean-style sushi snack (삼각김밥)

Triangle Kimbab or Triangle-shaped Korean-style sushi snacks are a convenient and simple seaweed and rice snack which are sold in Korean convenient stores.

You can create your own Triangle Kimbab in a variety of flavours using our CJ Haetbahn Cupbahn (햇반컵반) and triangle-sushi roll seaweed (삼각김밥용김) to suit your taste.
When making your Triangle Kimbab, use two-thirds of sauce and cooled-down rice for one laver.

A demonstration video is available on Korea Food’s YouTube channel.

-CJ Roasted seaweed of triangle rice ball & Toll
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